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Idaho Doula Associates offers lectures, courses, and workshops for the entire community. Members of our team and guest speakers will share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of childbirth-related topics: pregnancy, labor, postpartum, breastfeeding and more. Call us today to reserve your place.


IDA Social, DIY Flower Arrangements

Wednesday, June 19th | 7pm

Flower Arrangements

July Membership Session + Pelvic Floor Health With Sarah Graham

July, July 24th | 7pm

Yoga Stretches

August Membership Session + Utilizing DISC To Boost Your Business

Wednesday, August 28th | 7pm

Modern Design Workspace

IDA Social, DIY Macrame

Wednesday, September 25th | 7pm


November Membership Session + Designing A Modern Prenatal For Your Clients

Wednesday, November 13th | 7pm


PAST EVENT: Paint + Sip
Creating Water Color Prints

Wednesday, November 7 | 7pm


PAST EVENT: Retro Holiday Dance Party

Wednesday, December 17th | 7pm


PAST EVENT: Paced Bottle Feeding + Pumping with Lynelle King IBCLC

Wednesday January 23rd | 7pm

Newborn Baby

PAST EVENT: Secondary Trauma, Burnout  + The Art of Self Care
with Dr. Michael Sapiro PsyD

Tuesday, February 19th | 6:30pm

Woman Standing on Field

PAST EVENT: February Member Session + Preparing your Birth Business for Tax Season

Wednesday, February 20th | 7pm

Personal Desk

PAST EVENT: IDA Social - DIY Candle Making

Wednesday, March 20th | 7pm

Scented Candles

PAST EVENT: April Membership Session + Postpartum Anxiety & Depression In Partners With
Trista Kovach, MALPC

Wednesday, April 24th | 7pm

Couple with their Baby

PAST EVENT: Idaho Doula Associates + Birth Waves International Presents Perinatal Bereavement Training

Monday, April 29th | 6pm


PAST EVENT: May Membership Session + Nampa St. Lukes Hospital Tour

Wednesday, May 15th | 7pm

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